Let us introduce ourselves, we are David and Megan Fenoulhet. A recently married couple, we want to record our travels and capture our experiences. Both from nomadic families we are fortunate enough to be well-traveled Canadians, at home and abroad. For those of you who know us, we hope this serves as a good site to see what we are up to. For those who don’t, we hope you can find some inspiration and let us know some of your favourite places!



I didn’t get the travel bug until that seminal university experience everyone should go through. You know the one (hopefully). You go to your local outdoor gear retailer, pick out whichever bag grabs your eye and start filling it up. What do I need? Tent, sleeping bag, cooking gear, first aid kit, new water bottle. Going to log some miles so I’ll need a good pair of hiking boots, socks to match. After damaging your credit card with all the necessities, you’re ready to head out with some buddies to a foreign country and possibly down the path of an adventure filled life.

Dave Fenoulhet along the Wapta Traverse

The photographer of the group (meaning I can frame something without a blurry thumb in the corner) most of the images you see in this blog will have been taken by me. An avid climber, mountain biker, runner, snowboarder and trail mix eater; I love being outdoors and exploring this beautiful wide world. There is nothing like the feeling of setting eyes on an alien landscape, gaining perspective and place.



Hello, I am Meg! Bet you didn’t see that coming.

I am a nature-loving, rock climbing, kayaking, swimming, yoga doing, surfing, book devouring, downright neighbourly nerd. Most of the pictures you’ll see of my wonderful husband, rocks, insects, food, other people’s dogs, and plants were probably taken by me.

Meg looks over Bow Lake in the Canadian Rockies

Below is my recommended checklist to experience a new place the Meg Way:

  1. Rule #1: Leave the world better than when you found it. This applies as much to showing kindness and respect for others as it does to packing out garbage found on a trail.
  2. Snacks.
  3. Learn about that area’s geology. Bonus points for researching what palaeontologists have found there.
  4. Plan, but not too much. 
  5. Say hello to everyone you pass on a trail, even when your husband makes fun of you.
  6. Always bring a towel.
  7. Be willing to try (almost) everything at least once.

I am still amazed and incredibly grateful that Dave and I have the opportunity to spend our time exploring the world and meeting fascinating people. So this is a quick (and insubstantial) thank you to our incredible families and friends for their love and support on this journey. We miss you and want you to hurry up and visit us already.